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New in Hushmail: Security question for encrypted emails is now optional

Hushmail for Healthcare

Never again worry about the security of your emails to and from patients. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you can encrypt emails containing personal health information and comply with your HIPAA requirements.

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Encrypted email on your iPhone

Hushmail for iPhone offers encryption of your email whether the recipient uses Hushmail or not. The data is encrypted before it leaves your device, providing security to the body of your emails and attachments. The app supports two-step verification, Touch ID, and multiple accounts and aliases, and it’s fully synced with your webmail account, for seamless access to contacts and settings.


Another new web vulnerability, what’s the impact on me?

Published on November 16, 2017

You may have heard about the recent discovery of the new web vulnerabilities and wondered if it’s something your business needs to worry about. First, you need to consider how at risk you are. Today’s post explores ways to conduct an easy risk assessment to protect your business against such web vulnerabilities. Read more.

Hushmail has been providing secure, private and encrypted webmail solutions since 1999. Here is why our customers trust our experience in the field.