About Hushmail

Hush Communications was founded in 1998, and in May 1999 we launched Hushmail, the world’s premier end-to-end encrypted email service. Today, our headquarters and operations are located in Vancouver, Canada, a growing tech center known for its impressive draw of global talent.

Hushmail’s growth and development from its beginning in 1999 to the present day has been guided by our focus on providing simple, easy-to-use encrypted email for individuals and businesses. Our services have evolved over the past 20 years to include encrypted email, secure web forms and electronic signatures, serving tens of thousands of customers in industries such as healthcare, finance, non-profit, and law.

Hushmail prides itself on being a tech company that is approachable and always accessible to its customers. Our priority is to make security simple, with an encrypted email service that is easy to use on all platforms and customer service that is responsive and personal.

Effective security doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. We believe communication should be kept private, and we offer a way for individuals and businesses to do this easily and affordably.

At Hushmail, we always keep the big picture in mind. Our Mission is to keep our customers’ data safe while building useful tools that make their lives easier and more productive.

Corporate information

Hush Communications is a profitable, privately held Delaware corporation. Our headquarters and operations are located in Vancouver, Canada.

Mailing address

Hush Communications Canada Inc.
Suite 360, 580 Hornby Street
Vancouver, BC, V6C 3B6


+1-877-533-4874 (toll free)

Monday-Friday, 7 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time. Please note that we do not provide telephone support for free Hushmail accounts.




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Our core values

  • Relationships. We treat everyone we communicate with as people. In turn, we communicate as people too, not robots. We are approachable, and we always leave the door open so that people feel free to reach out at any time.
  • Simplicity. We aim to make things simple for our customers with an email service that is easy to use on all platforms.
  • Clarity. We use simple, clear language to communicate what we do and how we do it.
  • Privacy. We value our customers’ privacy and have tailored our service to preserve it.

Our team


Customer Care Specialist

Alex was born and raised in New Brunswick. He pursued Chemical Engineering at university. However, after graduating, his curiosity led him to explore the world of tech, where Alex quickly found his footing. Since then, he has held various Support and Sales Enablement roles at Salesforce, Validity, and CustomerTimes. Alex describes himself as a “music nerd” who loves to play guitar and discover new music.


Marketing Manager

Anabeli has been with Hushmail since 2014 and has over 20 years of marketing and communications experience in various industries, with a special interest in online marketing. Anabeli has a B.A. in Communications Sciences and an MBA with a specialization in marketing. Originally from Mexico, she lived in the U.K. before moving to Vancouver in 2010 and becoming a Canadian citizen. She is fluent in Spanish and English and spends her time outside of Hushmail participating in crossfit, dance, boxing, and hiking.


Billing Specialist

Growing up in the Okanagan, Los Angeles, and Indonesia, Angus has been living in Vancouver for the last 15 years. With a degree in Ancient History from the University of British Columbia, he has spent most of his career in accounting and currently handles the accounts receivable responsibilities for Hushmail. When he’s not invoicing, monitoring account payments, and solving billing issues, he enjoys lifting weights, playing ice hockey, and hanging out in the nearest ocean or lake.

Ben Cutler

Chief Executive Officer

With over 20 years in senior management positions, Ben Cutler has been CEO of Hushmail since 2001 and has been with the company, in various capacities, since prior to the 1999 launch of our encrypted email service. Before joining Hushmail, Ben worked in the financial services industry. Born in the UK, he has lived in Anguilla in the Caribbean and Ireland, and is now settled in Vancouver with his wife and family. Despite an educational background in finance and accounting, it was Ben’s passion for technology, privacy, and business development that inspired him to embrace the opportunity he saw with Hushmail. Ben is a generous and social person who is ultimately driven by a desire to build strong relationships with our customers and Hushmail team members.

Brian Smith

Chief Technology Officer

Brian started working on the technology that powers Hushmail in 1998 while still a computer science student at the University of Texas. He moved to Vancouver in 1999 to help the company launch, and has been Hushmail’s CTO since 2002. Early in his career, Brian was focused on the software and systems architecture that would allow Hushmail to provide and scale high security web and mobile applications. Now he divides his attention between building technology, team development, and understanding the requirements of Hushmail's customers. Most recently, he has been focused on the unique security and usability needs of the healthcare sector where Hushmail's technology is particularly applicable. Brian lives in Vancouver with his wife, son, and daughter, and travels often to Korea and Alabama.


Administrative Assistant

Originally from Brazil, Camila joined Hushmail in 2019 as an Administrative Assistant. She has a degree in Business Administration and a strong background of seven years as a Purchasing Specialist. Camila fell in love with Canada in 2015 after an exchange program. She decided to come back in 2018 carrying all her life in two bags and many dreams since she left everything behind to live a new experience. She loves to travel, camp, hike and explore.


Customer Care Manager

Chris joined Hushmail in 2008, and has been our Customer Care Manager since 2010. Known as an expert problem solver, listener, and teacher, he worked in several customer service and IT roles in the past, including for the West Vancouver School District. Chris is empathetic to the needs of customers as well as his own team, and he strives to foster a caring environment where customers are heard and team members are well supported. He grew up on the North Shore of Vancouver. He is a dog owner and avid bike rider with a passion for computers, tech, and the internet in general.


Product Manager

Born in Taiwan and raised in Vancouver, Cynthia has joined the team as Product Manager. Cynthia has a strong background working on a variety of projects and in customer success. She loves creating processes that not only improve the experience of our customers but of our team as well. On her days off, you can find her trying new cafes, painting, or gaming with friends.


Compliance Manager and Deputy Privacy Officer

Eric’s experience with email actually goes back to his first job, after obtaining his master’s degree in Computer Science, as a programmer developing email software that was used by many Canadian university campuses. After an extended diversion as a project manager in the video game industry, he returned to his email roots when he joined Hushmail in 2011 as the IT/Development Manager. Now, as Compliance Manager and Deputy Privacy Officer, his role at Hushmail is to ensure that all aspects of the company are compliant with the numerous regulations governing what we do. Outside the office, his passions are travel, technology, photography and yes, the occasional video game.


Customer Care Specialist

Residing in Fredericton, New Brunswick, George provides customer care on Hushmail’s East Coast team. With a strong education in IT and a diploma in network security, George has shifted his career toward customer support. He currently helps Hushmail customers with configuration and general technical issues, while providing an excellent customer experience. Outside of Hushmail, George enjoys RPG (Dungeons & Dragons), video games (especially in the Rogue-like genre), gardening, and is a huge pet lover with two dogs and one cat.


Customer Care Specialist

Born and raised in New Brunswick (originally from Woodstock and now residing in Fredericton), Greg joined Hushmail as a Customer Care Specialist on the East Coast team. Bringing with him over a decade of customer service experience, Greg provides personalized attention to every customer, making a point to supply the correct information as quickly as possible. When he isn’t at Hushmail, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two young sons, playing video games, and curating an impressive toy collection.


Customer Care Team Lead

Residing in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Jonathan joined the team as a Customer Care Specialist on Hushmail’s East Coast team. With over a decade in telecommunications doing everything from customer service to internal support to creating training curriculum, Jonathan was happy to find a role at Hushmail where he could experience new challenges. When Jonathan isn’t helping customers, he’s studying up on his current passion - off-grid solar power systems.


Infrastructure Engineering Manager

Born in the northeastern Chinese city of Changchun, Karen now lives in beautiful Vancouver, where she joined the Hushmail team as our Infrastructure Engineering Manager. Karen brings prior experience managing tech teams in the internet and AG tech industries. When she’s not busy liaising with the network operations engineers, you can find her gardening and growing her own vegetables.


Business Support Manager

Originally from New Brunswick, Canada, Kristy’s professional career includes her start as an accountant, a shift to insect virology/pathology as a lab technician, and a move to customer support and success. There she found her passion – improving processes, helping customers succeed, and employee training. When she’s not supporting operations and business functions, Kristy enjoys music (she plays guitar, bass, piano, and drums), home renovations, and spending time with her family and 4 dogs.


Sales Account Manager

Leaving the beautiful Vancouver Island for the even-more-beautiful Vancouver, Mahsa joined Hushmail in 2017. She has an M.A. in English Literature and Communications from the University of Victoria, a vast love for books, extensive experience in writing, and great passion for content marketing. When her nose isn’t buried in a book, you will find her either writing, hiking, drawing, or cheering, “West Coast, Best Coast!”


Customer Care Specialist

Nik is a proud native of New Brunswick who has spent the past 13 years honing his expertise in customer service and technical support. He is passionate about assisting Hushmail clients with their unique issues. In his leisure time, Nik indulges in his favorite hobbies: hunting, fishing, and gaming.


Customer Care Specialist

Originally from Dublin, Ireland, Paul moved to Vancouver in 2018 when he joined the Hushmail team as a Customer Care Specialist. He has a strong background in IT support and customer service and could be described as a self-confessed “tech nerd.” Paul loves cats, spooky movies, going to the gym, and Irish tea.


Operations Manager

Originally from Germany, Sarah moved to Vancouver in 2017 and joined Hushmail as the company’s Relationship Manager. Now, with a certificate in Business Management from British Columbia Institute of Technology, Sarah serves as Hushmail’s Operations Manager. When she’s not managing customer billing and administrative processes, handling compliance requests, and implementing new internal systems, Sarah enjoys pursuing her love of travel. She’s been to more than 20 countries and continues to add to her list. She also enjoys a variety of sports including Brazilian jiu-jitsu, running, and water sports.


Sales Manager

Originally from Scotland, Steph moved to Vancouver and joined Hushmail in 2016 after spending six months in an exchange program at the University of Regina. She has a strong background in customer service and accounting, with a B.A. in Accounting and Economics from the University of Strathclyde. Steph loves to travel, hike the local mountains, and go to concerts, some of which have afforded her some exciting memorable moments - meeting Brandon Flowers from The Killers, for one.

Steve Youngman

VP Finance and Legal

Steve has been part of the Hushmail team since 2000. With degrees in Commerce and Law from the University of British Columbia, he is well suited to lead our finance, privacy, and legal departments. Steve has extensive experience providing business, tax, and legal advice to entrepreneurial clients.

Toby Vander Steen

Head of Product

Toby is a longtime member of the Hushmail family. He joined the company in 2000, in our Dublin office, and now leads product development, where he works with a talented team to produce elegant, easy-to-use secure communications software for our customers. Toby has a passion for discovering simple solutions to seemingly complex problems. He believes that to create truly useful products, we must first take the time to get to know our customers and understand the challenges they face. Born in the U.K., Toby has lived and worked in Dublin and Edmonton, and currently resides with his wife and children in Vancouver. His interests include reading, running, and snowboarding in nearby Whistler.

Working at Hushmail

We’re always on the lookout for smart, creative, self-starters in the Vancouver, BC area with an interest in information security. If you’re interested in joining our team, view a list of open positions.

Partnering with Hushmail

Join the Hushmail Partner Program or Hushmail Affiliate Program to offer your customers a secure and reliable alternative to traditional email, web forms & e-signatures.

Key features

Hushmail can be used immediately without installing any software or hardware because we are a fully hosted web-based service. Access your email from anywhere via a web browser or by setting up your account on Hushmail for iPhone or on your favorite smartphone or PC email app.

When you use Hushmail, you own your data and your emails are not analyzed to display advertising. Your data is never sold to anyone. Your IP address does not appear on the headers of the email.

Encryption between Hushmail users happens automatically, so you don’t even have to think about it. When emailing users outside our system, our on-demand encryption is easily managed with a checkbox.

What people are saying

Hushmail has been providing secure, private and encrypted webmail solutions since 1999. Here is why our customers trust our experience in the field.

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