How Hushmail Works

We use open standards

Hushmail uses industry standard algorithms as specified by the Open PGP Standard (RFC 2440) to ensure the security, privacy and authenticity of your email. In addition, all communications between you and our servers use a secure connection (our A+ grade SSL/TLS connection is rated by Qualsys SSL Labs).

With Hushmail, all you need to remember is your passphrase. Hushmail takes care of everything else in the background. This seamless and transparent encryption process makes Hushmail one of the most user-friendly secure email solutions available.

When you send an email from Hushmail to another Hushmail member, we encrypt the contents of the email and deliver it to that member’s Inbox. When that member later opens the email it will automatically be decrypted.

When you send an email from Hushmail to someone who is using another email provider, you can choose to encrypt the contents of the email by typing a secret question and answer. The recipient must be able to answer that question in order to decrypt and read the email.