Anguilla was the early home of Hushmail—help us help the island rebuild

By G. Ben Cutler, CEO

Hurricane Irma left a path of destruction and loss of life throughout the Caribbean and in Florida. It set many ominous records: the strongest Atlantic hurricane ever recorded, the longest-lasting Category 5 hurricane, and the first storm with sustained winds of 185 mph for 37 hours.

On September 5th, Irma made landfall in the Caribbean. The storm caused massive destruction and many islands were devastated as the storm made its way north towards Florida. Anguilla, one of the Caribbean islands severely impacted, is special to us at Hushmail. We developed the early versions of Hushmail there in 1999–2000; a few current Hushmail team members were part of those efforts.

I grew up in Anguilla. I still have family there and many connections to the island, many fond memories from that time, and many friends who live there. I know from experience the impact a major hurricane can have on the island, its businesses and its residents.

Hurricane Irma’s impact on Anguilla cannot be understated. Anguilla is a small island, three miles wide and sixteen miles long, with a population of around 14,000. Tourism is the primary economic activity. Now, instead of preparing for the upcoming tourism season, the island is forced to rebuild, and recover.

Anguilla and its people are resilient, and have already started their recovery efforts. They need help though. Hushmail has donated to the Help Anguilla Rebuild Now fund, which is directing funds raised to the Red Cross of Anguilla. There are many other ways to donate to help Anguilla recover. You can find a comprehensive list in the link below.

Help Anguilla Rebuild Now

With over 20 years in senior management positions, Ben Cutler has been CEO of Hushmail since 2001 and has been with the company, in various capacities, since prior to the 1999 launch of our encrypted email service. Before joining Hushmail, Ben worked in the financial services industry. Born in the UK, he has lived in Anguilla and Ireland, and is now settled in Canada with his wife and family.

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