Encryption on Hushmail for iPhone

Hushmail for iPhone, available for download now in an early version, can provide encryption of your email whether the recipient uses Hushmail or not. The encryption is automatic when you’re sending to someone who also uses Hushmail. When you’re sending an email to people who don’t use Hushmail, you choose whether to encrypt it or not. The data is encrypted before it leaves your device, providing security to the body of your emails and attachments.

Coming soon

The version of the app you can test right now supports push notifications, Apple’s Touch ID, email aliases and multiple account setup. The full version of the app, coming soon, will have several additional features, including support for two-step verification and full integration with your Hushmail webmail contacts.

With our new iPhone app you can take Hushmail’s secure email with you everywhere you go. Want to try it out?

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