Hushmail for Business accounts provide more than email

By G. Ben Cutler, CEO

Hushmail for Business offers much more than a private, encrypted webmail solution. Over the years, we’ve developed and launched numerous features, from our Hushmail for iPhone app to Hush™ Secure Forms, that enhance a business model built around privacy. In today’s post we take a look at some of these features and how they might benefit your business.

Use your own domain

While Hushmail Premium accounts end in, we understand that this might not be ideal for a business. That’s why we include, with all of our business accounts, the option to use your own domain. When you sign up, you may choose to use the domain you already own (e.g., or a subdomain if you don’t own a domain (e.g., This way every email you send is automatically branded with your company name.

Email forwarding and a catch-all email address

Because a business can have many departments, projects, and client bases, email forwarding can be a helpful tool to organize your communications. With any Hushmail Business account, multiple email addresses can be set-up (e.g., and then directed to the inbox of a particular account. You can also create a catch all address to receive email that is sent to addresses at your domain where there is no account or email forwarding setup. Catch all email addresses are great for helping ensure potentially important emails don’t fall through the cracks.

Send encrypted email to anyone

Encryption is built seamlessly into the Hushmail service. Sending email from one Hushmail email address to another is as simple as sending the email. You can also very easily send encrypted email (including attachments) to non-Hushmail addresses. Persons who do not have a Hushmail email address will read their email on a secure web page where they can easily read and reply to email.

Email archiving

Email archiving is a feature that we offer our Hushmail for Small Business Plus, Hushmail for Healthcare, and Hushmail for Law subscribers. An email archive is a separate account that’s created automatically when you subscribe. The archive will keep a complete record of all emails sent and received by all users in your domain. This means you have a complete email communication record from the date you opened your Hushmail account. The benefits of this archive come into play when demonstrating HIPAA or other forms of industry specific compliance.

Secure web forms

If you have a website and communicate with your customers or patients through forms on your website, for example a contact form or an appointment request form, our Hush™ Secure Forms feature will deliver these form requests securely to your Hushmail inbox. Once the form submission is in your inbox, you can very easily start a secure conversation with the person who submitted the form. Building secure forms has just gotten easier with our drag and drop form builder - now you can build complex forms in minutes.

Unlimited email aliases

Email aliases are alternate email addresses that end in This is a feature that is included in all of our Hushmail accounts. However, they’re particularly useful to those with business accounts, because email aliases make it easy to track leads. Simply set up a unique email alias to give out at each event. For example, you might create an email alias called when you attend the Better Health Expo. Emails to that alias will go to your normal Hushmail inbox, but it will be clear where the lead was generated. If you decide that an alias is receiving too many unwanted emails, you can simply delete the alias to stop the emails.

Hushmail Enterprise

If after you consider the features that are included with our various accounts, you still feel you need something in addition, we can tailor a solution to suit your specific needs. Customized solutions we’ve provided in the past include company wide email migrations, forced TLS encryption and password complexity, and custom branding to the webmail and Hushmail for iPhone app. We can accommodate a wide variety of customizations. If you need something special, contact us and let us work with you to develop the best solution for your business.

Is a Hushmail for Business account right for you?

The features we just discussed are just a sampling of what we offer with our Hushmail for Business accounts. As we mentioned in our spring cleaning post, our lives and businesses grow and change each year. What might have suited you perfectly in 2017 may no longer be the best option to meet your needs. Take a look at what our Hushmail for Business accounts offer and let us know if you’re ready to make a change. As always, we’re happy to discuss the features with you and help you decide what’s right for your business.

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With over 20 years in senior management positions, Ben Cutler has been CEO of Hushmail since 2001 and has been with the company, in various capacities, since prior to the 1999 launch of our encrypted email service. Before joining Hushmail, Ben worked in the financial services industry. Born in the UK, he has lived in Anguilla and Ireland, and is now settled in Canada with his wife and family.

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