Hushmail for Healthcare for individual practitioners is here

Today we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new Hushmail for Healthcare plan, tailored for healthcare practitioners who only need one Hushmail account and don’t need a customized domain. You can create an email address that ends in one of our existing domains:,,, or

Designed to support your HIPAA compliance

This new Healthcare plan is designed to support your HIPAA compliance. It comes with a Business Associate Agreement, self-hosted secure forms and email archiving. If you convert from a Hushmail Premium account to our new Hushmail for Healthcare account, you won’t lose any of your existing emails, and you won’t have to change your email address.

The new plan, as with any Hushmail account, allows you to easily add encryption to your emails. You can send secure emails to your clients’ existing email addresses, and receive secure emails and documents from your clients, even if they don’t have a Hushmail account.


The new Hushmail for Healthcare plan includes:

  • 10 GB storage per user
  • HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA), required for HIPAA compliance
  • Secure web forms to securely receive confidential information through your website
  • A compliance archive folder, created automatically, that keeps a record of all emails sent and received
  • Dedicated customer support from real human beings who take the time to personally answer your questions by phone or email

Visit Hushmail for Healthcare for more details, or sign up today.

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Already have a Hushmail Premium account? You can seamlessly upgrade to our new healthcare plan without losing your existing emails or changing your email address. How to upgrade to Hushmail for Healthcare

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