Hushmail for iPhone is synced with webmail

There’s nothing worse than trying to send an email from your phone only to find out you don’t have the recipient’s address handy.

With Hushmail for iPhone, you’ll never have that problem. The app’s contacts are fully synced with our webmail version, so as long as you have an address in webmail, you’ll be able to access it on your iPhone. The app also connects with your iPhone contacts, making it easy to send encrypted email to anyone in your address book.

Your settings are synced too

Hushmail for iPhone is also in sync with your webmail settings, so it’s a pretty seamless transition between webmail and the app.

Almost ready

An early version of the app is available now, and the full release is coming very soon. The current version supports Apple’s Touch ID for fast app access, plus push notifications, email aliases and multiple account setup. The complete app will also support two-step verification, for an added layer of security.

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