Hushmail Premium is for anyone who wants secure, private email

Hushmail has become known as a provider of reliable, HIPAA-compliant email that’s perfect for therapists, dentists, physicians, and other healthcare providers who need to keep their patients’ data safe. However, Hushmail’s end-to-end encrypted email is great for anyone wanting a way to communicate privately, not just healthcare providers.

There are many reasons why people use encrypted email services. Having an encrypted email account so your communications remain private is one way you can keep your personal data safe and under your control.

Encryption included with fully hosted email

Hushmail Premium is our account for personal use. With Hushmail, you don’t need additional email providers, because we integrate the encryption component seamlessly with our email service. It allows you to send encrypted email to anyone you like, even if they don’t have a Hushmail account themselves. You can also choose to send your email without encryption, just like a regular email. Hushmail is convenient, efficient, and compatible with third-party email services such as Outlook and Mac Mail.

Hushmail is ad free

Hushmail will never use your personal data or scan your emails to target ads. Because we’re ad free, we charge a $49.98 annual subscription fee for a Hushmail Premium account. The fee is billed at the start of your subscription and renewed automatically, so you never have to worry about a break in your email service.

Premium extras

Hushmail provides our Premium customers with more than encrypted email. Here are a few of the features that come with a Hushmail Premium account:

  • Two-step verification. This layer of security prevents unauthorized access to your Hushmail account by using a two-stage process to authenticate your identity from any device we don't recognize.
  • Unlimited email aliases. Aliases are alternate email addresses ending in You can use these aliases to mask your real email address when you don’t feel comfortable disclosing it. Aliases are great for tracking leads and managing subscriptions.
  • Reliable spam filters. While we never scan your emails to target ads, we do scan emails to target spam. No spam filter is perfect but our customers have been very pleased with the lack of junk in their inbox.
  • Hushmail for iPhone. The app supports encrypted email, two-step verification, Touch ID, multiple accounts and aliases, and it’s synced with your webmail account for seamless access to contacts and settings.

Read more about Hushmail Premium features here.

A customer care team that really cares

At Hushmail, we pride ourselves on making life easier for our customers. When you signup for a Hushmail Premium account, you’ll have access to a team that responds in a timely manner and takes your concerns seriously. When you contact our customer care team, you’ll reach a person with a name, and they’ll work with you until your issue is resolved.

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We make it easy for you to try Hushmail. Simply sign up to start your free trial of Hushmail Premium with all features included. If you like what you see, you can input your payment information at the end of the two weeks. If you have any questions about Hushmail Premium, please contact our customer care team, and they will be happy to assist you.

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