Introducing your clients to Hushmail

A great benefit of using Hushmail is that you can communicate securely with people who don't use Hushmail. When you send a secure email using Hushmail, each message is individually encrypted for further security. Our clients use Hushmail for a wide variety of reasons, and the purpose of today’s post is to help our customers who communicate with clients who don’t use Hushmail. You will get the most out of our service by understanding how to introduce Hushmail to your clients and how best to configure the service for their needs.

If your clients don’t have a Hushmail account, you can still send them encrypted email. For your clients, it involves an extra step of creating a passphrase. Then receiving encrypted email is effortless. Here are a few suggestions for how to introduce Hushmail to your clients and how you can make sure your secure email is as easy to receive and respond to as typical email.

What your clients can expect

Let your clients know that in order to maintain security and keep your communications private, you will be communicating with them through a Hushmail account. Assure them that they don’t need to sign up for an account themselves. They will receive an email at their regular email account with a link to a secure web page where they will be able to read and respond to your message. The first time they receive an email from you, your clients will be asked to create a passphrase. If they have questions about what Hushmail is and how it encrypts your email, refer them to Remind your clients that you are communicating with them through a Hushmail account for their security.

Tip: Secure messages to non-Hushmail users are deleted after 14 days by default. However, if you share information that your client will need to access in the future, you can increase this period up to 100 days. All you have to do is contact us, and we’ll change the default setting.

Customize your notification

When you reach out to a client who hasn’t used Hushmail before, the email that they receive contains instructions for how they can securely read your message. However, if you’d like to provide specific instructions or add a more personal touch, a member of our customer care team would be happy to set up a customized message for you.

Saving the passphrase

Most web browsers include an option to save passwords and this works with Hushmail passphrases as well. This is particularly helpful for Hushmail users since passphrases can be longer than passwords. You can usually find the password settings in the web browser’s preferences. Remind your clients that allowing a browser to autofill their passphrase is only advisable if no one else is using that device.

Tip: Be sure to log out of your account when using public computers, such as those at the library. However, if you are using a personal computer, staying logged in will make receiving messages easier.

Add a security question

If you’re sending highly sensitive information, you might want to include a security question when you send the first email to a client. Once your client answers the security question and creates their passphrase, all future emails will be secure. Make sure that only the intended recipient can correctly answer your security question. Example questions might include: “Where did we last meet?” or “What is your patient ID number?” Answers are not case sensitive, and spaces, periods, commas, and hyphens are ignored, so your clients have a little flexibility in how they answer the question. Even so, try to make the answer as simple as possible and no longer than a word or two.

You will be given the option to include a security question when you compose a message and choose to send it as an encrypted email to a non-Hushmail email address. The recipient has five attempts to answer correctly before we permanently delete the message from our servers.

Hushmail makes confidential communication easy

Hushmail is a simple, easy-to-use option when you want to communicate securely with your clients. Let your clients know what to expect and that Hushmail is another quality service you provide to make their lives easier. If you or your clients have any questions about Hushmail, please contact us, or visit Hushmail to learn more.

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