Native iOS features and more with Hushmail for iPhone

You’ve probably seen our blog post about our upcoming Hushmail for iPhone app. It is currently in development, but you can download and try an early version of the app right now, if you’re a paid Hushmail customer. The full version of the app will be released later this spring, with the full array of features you’re used to with the webmail version of Hushmail.

In the meantime, the app that you can try right now includes several features that make the most of the iOS platform.

Push your email

The version you can download right now supports push notifications, which let you know as soon as you receive a secure email. It’s a handy feature that you can set to buzz or ring if you’re expecting an important secure email from a client or contact. It prevents you from having to constantly pick up your phone to see if any new messages have arrived.

Touch and go

The app also supports Touch ID, providing fast fingerprint access to your email. With Touch ID, you don’t have to enter and re-enter your passphrase every time you use the app. You just use the fingerprint reader built into your iPhone to access Hushmail quickly and securely. Touch ID also prevents unauthorized people from opening the app.

Full benefits

The full version of the app, coming soon, will offer all the benefits of our webmail version. It will support two-step verification for enhanced security, and you'll be able to use your iPhone to send secure email to anyone, even people who don’t use Hushmail themselves.

Want to give the early version of Hushmail for iPhone a try?

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