New in Hushmail: auto-saved drafts

Your writing is now automatically saved

Good news: you don’t have to hit the “Save draft” button anymore to keep a copy of that long email that took you forever to write. Hushmail now periodically saves a copy of your drafts, in case you forget. It will also automatically save a copy of your draft when you leave the Compose screen. So now you can write long without fear of losing your work.

More to come

We’re always on the lookout for ways to improve our service. And, as you’d expect, Hushmail customers are often the best source of feedback and new ideas. We dived into all the input we received in 2016 from our customer satisfaction surveys, interviews and multitude of phone calls to our Customer Care team, and we’re pleased to roll out several new features over the coming weeks and months that are the direct result of input from customers like you. Thanks again for your feedback, and for helping Hushmail continually get better. Check back on the blog for more new features coming soon.

Bright ideas

In the meantime, do you have a great idea for how we can continue to improve our service? Feel free to reach out through our website or on Twitter.

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