New in Hushmail: rich text signatures

Add a logo to your email signatures—and more

We’re always on the lookout for ways to improve our service. And, as you’d expect, Hushmail customers are often the best source of feedback and new ideas. Today we’re pleased to note an upgrade to Hushmail that is the direct result of input from customers like you.

More options for your Hushmail email signature

Now you can add your logo and other images to your Hushmail email signature. You can also customize the text, by making it bold, italic, or multi-colored, create hyperlinks, and more. To create your signature, go to Preferences, then click on the Composing tab.

Kelly, one of our Customer Care specialists, has been encouraging us to make this enhancement for some time now . For all those who have reached out to Kelly to offer their ideas, thank you! Because of you, all Hushmail users can sign their encrypted emails in style.

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