Protect your privacy with email aliases

One of the benefits of your Hushmail account is the ability to set up email aliases. An alias is an alternate email address you can use when you don’t want people to know or keep a record of your real email address. And they make it easy to permanently remove yourself from distribution lists and databases.

With your Hushmail account you can create as many aliases as you want. They will all end in, but you can invent your own prefixes—the part before the @ symbol—as long as they aren’t already taken. Emails sent to one of your aliases comes to the same inbox as your main Hushmail account.

How can I use aliases?

Let’s say you want to sign up for an email newsletter, but you’re not sure how long you want to subscribe for. You can set up an alias specifically for that newsletter. If you ever want to stop getting the newsletter, or you notice you’re receiving a lot of spam to that alias, you can simply delete the alias and the emails will stop.

Fight phishing

Aliases can be helpful for combatting “phishing,” which are attempts to fraudulently obtain sensitive personal information. Let’s say you set up an email alias for your online banking, and it’s the only address you use for that purpose. If you receive emails to other addresses purporting to be related to your bank account, they are almost surely phishing attempts or spam. You can then simply ignore them, or delete the email alias that received the unwanted message, and know that your personal information is safe.

Track leads

Another convenient use of aliases is to track followups or leads generated from a particular event. For example, you may want to create an alias to give out at a conference you’re attending. Then you can easily monitor how many people reach out afterward, to get a sense of the value of attending the conference.

Create an email alias

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