Receive secure communications from clients with Hushmail’s secure forms

Secure forms are a popular feature of Hushmail amongst our healthcare customers. They enable current and potential clients to send you secure, encrypted messages and attachments through a contact form on your website. In order to send you a secure message, your clients can just go to the form to type a message and send it to you.

Secure forms allow people to initiate contact with you, confident that their messages will not be read by anyone other than you. Secure forms also demonstrate to potential clients that you are proactive about privacy and online security.

How do Hushmail secure forms work?

You can turn any regular form on a website into a secure form by making a small change to your code. Every eligible Hushmail account has its own, personalized code that you use on your website. The form encrypts the contents and sends them securely to your Hushmail email address, arriving in your inbox.

Secure forms are available with our ​Healthcare and ​Law plans.

Add a Secure Form to your website

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