Send secure email to anyone with Hushmail for iPhone

Our latest update to the beta version of the Hushmail for iPhone app not only allows you to send secure email to other Hushmail users, but now you can also encrypt emails to people who don’t use Hushmail.

How it works

Just like our webmail version, the app uses a secure question and answer method to send encrypted messages to non-Hushmail users. Before you send the message, you enter a question that you and the recipient know the answer to, and then you enter the answer. Then you type your message and hit send.

The recipient will receive an email telling them you’ve sent a secure message, along with a link. When they click the link, they are asked to answer your question. After they correctly type it in they’ll see your email, and they can send a secure reply that goes straight to your Hushmail inbox.

Coming soon

The full app will be released later this spring. In the meantime you can try out an early version that includes many additional features, including support for push notifications and Touch ID, plus multiple account setup.

If you’ve already got the app, update it now to make sure you have the latest version with the Q&A encryption feature.

And if you haven’t tried the app yet, click below to request access now.

Request early access here

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