Special offer on health and human services continuing education programs

Special offer for Hushmail customers

Hushmail is thrilled to announce another special offer for our customers, this time with Ed4HHS, a company that offers online staff training solutions for the health and human services industry. Hushmail customers now get 15 percent off Ed4HHS offerings, using the coupon code HUSH15.

About Ed4HHS

Ed4HHS creates and develops courses in association with subject matter experts in health and human services. They understand that the health and human services industry is an ever-changing field, and that keeping up to date on research and best practices is essential.

Certain professions within the industry require practitioners to earn continuing education units each year, to ensure they stay current. Ed4HHS offers over 400 courses and hundreds of hours of CEUs on many different topics, including:

  • Substance Related Disorders
  • Eldercare
  • Foster Care
  • Child, Youth & Family
  • Developmental Disabilities
  • Workforce Compliance
  • And much more!

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