Spring cleaning your Hushmail account

Spring cleaning doesn’t just apply to tidying your house. Your Hushmail account is likely in need of a little tidying as well. We suggest you make changes that will make your account more efficient. Now is also a good time to review all the Hushmail features and make possible upgrades.

Let’s get started:

Update your signature

Has anything changed in the last year that might warrant a new signature or have you been manually inputing your signature every time you compose an email? Go to Preferences, and click on Composing, then Signature, and review how you’ve been signing your emails. Do you have a new role at your job? Do you want to include a logo? Don’t forget, Hushmail supports rich text signatures, allowing you to add images and hyperlinks, customize the text by making it bold, italic, or multi-colored, and much more.

Delete email aliases no longer being used

If you're a frequent user of email aliases, you know how useful they can be when managing your email. However, do you have email aliases you no longer need that are still bringing in unwanted email? Simply go to Preferences, and click on Email aliases, then Delete this alias. Read more about how you can use email aliases to manage your emails in our recent post.

Update your credit card

Once a year, or monthly if you have a business account, your Hushmail account automatically renews. It’s a good idea to check your credit card to make sure it’s the one you want to use and that it isn’t about to expire. To update your credit card, sign in to the billing page, click Change credit card on the left side of the page, enter your updated credit card information, and click Save changes.

What features should you be using?

Hushmail is always adding new features that enhance our email services and provide extra benefits for our customers. Are you making the best use of these features?

  • Hushmail for iPhone app - Released in 2016, the Hushmail for iPhone app has become an integral part of the Hushmail experience. Synced with your webmail so all your contacts are where you need them, and able to send from multiple accounts and email aliases, the Hushmail for iPhone app allows you to conduct your business just about anywhere. To download the app, visit the App Store.
  • Rules and folders - Organize your emails the minute they come in with rules and folders. Here’s how: click on Manage folders located below your Inbox. Then click on New folder and give the new folder a name. When an email comes in that belongs in that folder, click on create a rule at the top of the email and direct the email to the appropriate folder. Once the rule is created, all subsequent emails from that sender will automatically go to that folder.

Should you update your account?

Hushmail provides a number of different account options to suit a variety of email needs. When you first signed up for a Hushmail account, you may have only needed a few features. Has your situation changed? Features such as email archiving, the ability to use your own domain, and email forwarding could be great enhancements for your business. Read more about our different business accounts to find out if it’s time for an upgrade.

Talk to us

During the year, questions may have come up about your account, but you never got around to contacting us. While you’re spring cleaning your Hushmail account, make note of your questions, then reach out to us. Our customer care team is happy to help you make the most of your Hushmail account.

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