Try all the features of Hushmail with a two-week Premium account trial

Starting March 1st, 2017, we are introducing a two-week trial of our Hushmail Premium account, with unlimited access to all of its many features. This is chance to get to know the advantages of a Premium account—at no cost.

What is Hushmail Premium?

Hushmail is like other email services—you can read and compose email on the web, your smartphone, and everywhere you work—but it comes with security features to help keep your data safe. You can use our powerful encryption tool to encrypt your emails and keep your personal conversations confidential. And you can send secure email to anyone, whether they use Hushmail or not.

Hushmail Premium is our account for personal use. It comes with 10 GB of storage, and it’s a private, ad-free account, meaning you own your own data. Your emails are not scanned to create user-specific advertising.

It’s perfect if you need a single email address ending in with web, mobile and desktop access. If you want to have your own personal domain name in your email address, you can use Hushmail for Small Business.

Features of Hushmail Premium

Hushmail Premium is loaded with features, and your two-week trial lets you try them all out. You can set up Hushmail on your favourite desktop email program, such as Outlook or Mail, so you don’t have to change the way your read and respond to emails. The account supports two-step verification, to help prevent unauthorized access to your account.

You can also set up unlimited email aliases, which are alternate addresses that allow you to keep your real email address private—ideal for signing up for email newsletters. Emails sent to any of your aliases arrive in your Hushmail inbox.

Hushmail for iPhone

A Premium account comes with access to Hushmail for iPhone, which lets you take the secure email experience of Hushmail with you while you’re on the go. The app supports two-step verification, Touch ID, multiple accounts and aliases, and it’s synced with your webmail account, for seamless access to contacts and settings. Download it from the App Store.

Real live humans

All Premium accounts come with dedicated Hushmail customer support, featuring actual human beings who provide genuine support. We take the time to listen to your questions and challenges and help you solve them quickly. Now that’s something worth trying.

Want to give it a go? Click here to get started with your two-week Hushmail Premium account trial.

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