Use email aliases with Hushmail for iPhone

Hushmail for iPhone now offers support for Hushmail email aliases. Before, you could only send email from aliases using our webmail version. But with our new app, you can use your iPhone to send secure, encrypted email from any of your aliases.

What are email aliases?

Email aliases are alternate addresses that end in They enable you to send messages without using your main email account, protecting your primary email from spam and other unwanted email. For instance, you can set up an alias that you only use to subscribe to newsletters, and if you want to stop receiving those newsletters you can simply delete the alias. All emails sent to any of your aliases arrive in your Hushmail inbox.

How it works

You can create aliases through webmail by clicking on "Preferences" then the “Email aliases” tab. When you draft emails on the iPhone app just tap the alias you want to send from.

Coming soon

Using the Hushmail for iPhone app you can send encrypted email to anyone, even recipients who don’t use Hushmail. We’re preparing for the full launch of the app later this year, but you can try an early version that also offers support for push notifications and Apple’s Touch ID, plus multiple account setup.

The full version will support two-step verification and full integration with your Hushmail webmail contacts.

Request early access here

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