How to use email aliases to manage your emails

By Jarred Bolen, Customer Success Specialist

To help protect your privacy and manage your email Hushmail provides many tools, but one that is particularly useful is email alias. An email alias can be a powerful tool for managing emails. Let me explain how they work and how you can use them to protect your privacy, manage emails, and clear out the clutter in your inbox.

The internet is great for giving us access to services, products, and information, often free of charge. Except nothing is completely free. In many cases, the price is your email address and privacy.

Think about all the times you’re required to give an email address to access a service or group. The result, of course, is often a deluge of emails that you don’t really want.

Even though you can often opt out of receiving additional emails, it’s easy to neglect this step, especially when the emails are piling up. What if you could hide behind an email alias to access what you need from the internet? That’s where email alias comes in.

Email aliases are alternate email addresses that end in With a Hushmail account, you can create as many email aliases as you need. Emails to an email alias will go to your normal Hushmail inbox. If you decide that an email alias is receiving too many unwanted emails, you can simply delete the email alias and the emails stop. Because you can create endless email aliases, you can get pretty fancy in setting up a customized system to manage your emails. If you’re new to using email aliases, you might have a few questions about how they work.

Some frequently asked questions from our customers are:

How can I create an email alias?

You can only create an email alias in your webmail. Click on Preferences then the Email aliases tab. You can put anything you want in front of the as long as it isn’t already taken. Once you create an email alias, it belongs to you and is connected to your account. Even if you delete it at some point, you can always revive it and use it again.

Can I use an email alias with Hushmail for iPhone?


When should I use an email alias?

When your email is required to order a service or product, or join a group, ask yourself if you’ll want to hear from them a month from now. If the answer is “no,” then use an email alias instead of your primary email. You can create a new email alias for every service you sign up for. For example, use one email alias for a social media account and a different email alias for a newsletter. That way if you start getting spam from sources you don’t recognize, you’ll be able to tell how they got your email based on the email alias it’s being sent to.

You can also use an email alias to track leads generated from a particular event. For example, you may want to create an email alias to give out at a conference you’re attending. Then you can monitor how many people from the conference contact you later. Email aliases can give you a clear picture of where your emails are coming from.

How can I view and manage my email aliases?

Your email aliases are listed under the Email aliases tab in Preferences. If at some point you decide you no longer want to receive the emails that are coming to one of your email aliases, simply delete the email alias. You can create new email aliases at any time to manage your emails.

Can I transfer my email aliases to another account?

Yes, you can always contact us, and we will be happy to transfer your previous email aliases to a new account.

How do I send an email from an email alias?

When you compose an email, select an email alias from the drop down menu in the From field.

When I send an email from an email alias address, will the recipient see my primary email address?

No, the recipient will only see the email alias address. If you're interested in protecting your primary email address, an email alias is the best way to go.

It’s that simple. If you begin using email aliases when you’re unsure about submitting your primary email address, you’ll soon see only the emails you want in your inbox.

To read more about setting up and using email aliases for even greater privacy, take a look at the following blog posts:

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Jarred Bolen joined Hushmail in 2016 with over five years of support experience for software and telecommunications companies and a longtime interest in internet security. When a new customer signs up for a Hushmail account, Jarred’s name is the first one in their inbox and he diligently holds their hand until they’re comfortable with using their new account. When he’s not providing support to Hushmail customers, Jarred is a musician, runner, and major hockey fan.

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