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The recent growth in the smartphone market has made it possible for many to step away from the office and conduct their business just about anywhere. Whether you’re a father taking the day to accompany his child on a school field trip, or a therapist who wants to always be there for her patients, being able to answer important emails at any time makes it much easier to untether from the traditional workplace and cultivate a life of greater flexibility, productivity, and balance.

Hushmail designed its iPhone app to give you more options when it comes to your email. We believe email should be secure and confidential. It should also be convenient and easy to use. The iPhone app combines the benefits of your regular Hushmail with the benefits provided by the iOS platform to make using your Hushmail while on the go practically effortless

The benefits of Hushmail

When you sign up for a premium Hushmail account you automatically have access to the Hushmail for iPhone app. The transition from webmail to the app is seamless, and the same benefits you find in your webmail make communicating in the app easy and secure.

Two-step verification for enhanced security. With two-step verification enabled, if you’re signing in from a device we don’t recognize, you must first enter your passphrase. Then you’re required to enter a verification code that we’ll send by text message to your mobile phone or an alternate email address. Two-step verification requires you to confirm your identity in two different ways, protecting your account from unauthorized users.

The ability to send encrypted emails and attachments to anyone, even those who don’t use Hushmail. With Hushmail the encryption is automatic when you’re sending to someone who also uses Hushmail. When you’re sending an email to people who don’t use Hushmail, you choose whether to encrypt it or not. If so the data is encrypted before it leaves your phone, providing security to the body of your emails and attachments.

The ability to send from email aliases. Once you set up an email alias in your webmail, you’ll be able to send email from it using the app. Email aliases are great for protecting your identity and allowing you to track emails. Read more about the benefits of using an email alias in our recent post.

Fully synced with your webmail account. The last thing you want when you’re working outside your office is to have to dig up a contact. This will never be a problem when you’re using our iPhone app. All of your webmail contacts are automatically available to you. The app also connects to your iPhone contacts, giving you access to additional email addresses if you need them.

The ability to add multiple accounts. If you have multiple Hushmail accounts, you can choose to send from any one of them when you compose a message in the app.

Plus the benefits of iOS

If you use an iPhone, you know the many features that have been designed specifically to remove frustrations when it comes to your mobile communications. Many of these features enhance Hushmail when you use our iPhone app, giving you even more control over how and when you interact with your email.

Push notifications. Never miss an important email. When you’re at home or engaged in an activity, you don’t want to be checking your phone all the time. Push notifications come through in real time and can be managed in your iPhone settings to notify you with your preferred alert.

Touch ID. On the go, it can be difficult to type in your passphrase, especially when you’re using your thumbs. Touch ID gives you access to your Hushmail account with the press of your thumbprint. Secure, convenient, and immediate.

By combining the Hushmail benefits you’re used to with the features available on the iOS platform, we make it possible to conduct business with greater flexibility. The app is available to anyone with a paid Hushmail account. To download the app, visit the App Store.

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