Using your own domain? Hushmail Business is the right account for you

One of the features that comes with a Hushmail Business account is an email address that uses a domain you already own. With a little setup, you can redirect this email through the Hushmail servers so you get all of the benefits of Hushmail, without having to change your current email address.

How does it work?

If you currently have your own website address, Hushmail can host your email for you. All you need to do is sign up for a Hushmail Business account and make a few adjustments to your domain settings. We will then become the sole email provider for your domain, and all emails sent there will come to Hushmail.

Redirecting your email to Hushmail

When you sign up for a Hushmail Business account, you’ll receive an email explaining how to change your MX records. Mail Exchanger (MX) records are a set of entries that can be configured on the site where your domain name is registered. When someone sends an email to an address on your domain, the MX records tell the email where it’s supposed go. In order for the email to come to your Hushmail account, the MX records need to point to our servers at Hushmail. The process is comparable to rerouting your mail to a different post office, except you’re rerouting your emails to a different server.

Are the redirected emails secure?

Hushmail for Business is a private, encrypted email service. Sending an encrypted email from one Hushmail email address, even if it uses your own domain (, to another Hushmail email address is as simple as sending the email. The encryption is built in. You can also very easily send encrypted email (including attachments) to non-Hushmail addresses by choosing that option when you compose the email. The recipient will read the email on a secure web page where they can easily compose and send their response.

A few things to note

It’s only necessary to change your MX records if you’re using an email address specific to your domain. If you’re using a subdomain of our domain such as, you don’t have to worry about the MX records. We’ll configure them for you. As always, if you run into issues, contact us and we’ll walk you through the process.

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