Secure email, web form & e-signature solutions tailored to your organization's needs

We have helped our enterprise customers configure solutions that go from white label solutions for thousands of employees to having a small subset of highly protected accounts in a closed domain. Ideal for organizations with:

  • Employees working remotely
  • Offices in countries with mass-surveillance
  • Business continuity plans in a disaster recovery scenario

Available customizations

  • API access

    Give your developers access to our API to build your own custom solution.

  • White label solution

    Add your own branding to the webmail, native iPhone app, web forms and/or message pick-up center.

  • Access control lists

    Restrict which domains can communicate with yours.

  • Forced TLS encryption

    Ensure that all traffic with outside servers uses a TLS-encrypted connection

  • Enforced password complexity

    Ensure your users are creating strong passwords that meet your complexity requirements.

  • Email migrations

    Talk to us about performing automated company-wide email migrations.

Hushmail has been providing secure, private and encrypted webmail solutions since 1999. Here is why our customers trust our experience in the field.