Common questions

  • How secure is Hushmail?

    Hushmail uses multiple layers of industry-standard encryption to protect your communications both when stored on our secure servers and when on the move. The first layer is OpenPGP encryption which protects the contents of your email, ensuring its security, privacy and authenticity. This encryption happens automatically between Hushmail users and is easily managed with a checkbox for users outside our system. Every email sent or received with OpenPGP encryption will remain encrypted on our servers. The next layer protects all traffic to our website with SSL/TLS encryption and to outside servers that support it.

  • Can I move my emails from my previous provider over to Hushmail?

    Yes, you can migrate your existing email messages to Hushmail yourself using most desktop email applications. (See our article on “Moving emails from another provider” for more info on how to do this.) For enterprise customers with larger accounts, we help perform automatic, company-wide migrations.

  • Can I register my domain name with Hushmail?

    No. You have to buy your domain name through a domain registrar, for example: Please contact us if you need further guidance.

  • Do I have to own a domain name?

    In order to use your domain name with Hushmail (e.g., you need to be able to change certain settings in your domain's configuration. If you don't have administrative privileges to do so, or if you don't want to use a domain name, you can use one of our subdomains (e.g.

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