As a lawyer, communicating securely with clients is essential. By adding encryption to your emails, you ensure your conversations with clients are protected. Plus, we'll sign an agreement with customers in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. to seek judicial protection for the account, if necessary, on the basis that the contents are privileged, providing extra protection for your communications. Using Hushmail, you are able to:

  • Encrypt confidential information contained in emails and attachments
  • Protect privileged email conversations between you and your clients
  • Receive secure inquiries and documents through your website
  • Send e-signable online forms with Plus and Team plans

Encrypted Email

With Hushmail, you don’t need additional email providers because we integrate the encryption component seamlessly with our email service. You are able to send and receive emails as with any regular email service, but you also have the option to encrypt your emails for extra protection. The encryption is automatic between Hushmail users.

Private Message Center

Recipients who are not using Hushmail receive a link to a secure web page where they can read your email and fill out your web forms. When someone receives a secure email on the web, they can sign in using their Google, Apple, or Microsoft account. Or they can create a password.

Secure Web Forms

New client forms, satisfaction surveys and other forms are critical to your business. But they're not much fun to fill out, and they often come back illegible and incomplete. Hush™ Secure Forms is our secure alternative to old-fashioned paper forms. You can launch a beautiful, personalized web form for your business in minutes.

Electronic Signatures

If your clients are still signing with a pen, you're going to love our e-signature feature. Add e-signing to any secure web form by simply adding a signature field. Our e-signature feature complies with ESIGN and UETA, and is included with our Plus and Team plans.

All plans come with a 60-day money back guarantee

Hushmail for Law includes Encrypted Email, a Private Message Center, and an Email Archive, with optional Secure Forms and Electronic Signatures. Plus, we'll sign an agreement with customers in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. to seek judicial protection for the account, if necessary, on the basis that the contents are privileged, providing extra protection for your communications.



per month


per month


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Encrypted email accounts 1 Up to 5
Up to
Secure web forms Not included Up to 5
Up to
Electronic signatures Not included Included Included
Information Manager Agreement (IMA)
60-day money back guarantee Included Included Included
Available plan add-ons (purchase during checkout)
Add 1 email
Add 3 forms
Add 1 email
Add 3 forms
Add 1 email
+$94.50/2 yr
Add 3 forms
+$56.70/2 yr
Add 1 email
and form
Add 1 email
and form
Add 1 email
and form
+$94.50/2 yr
Encrypted Email
Webmail (desktop & mobile) Included Included Included
Works with email apps (e.g. Outlook) Included Included Included
Hushmail for iPhone Included Included Included
Custom domain ( Included Included Included
Send & receive encrypted file attachments Included Included Included
Email aliases Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Storage (per email account) 10 GB 15 GB 15 GB
Secure Web Forms
Monthly form submissions Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum pages per form Unlimited Unlimited
Ready-made form templates With add-on Included Included
Calculated questionnaires (e.g. PHQ-9) With add-on Included Included
Design your own forms With add-on Included Included
Receive form submissions as PDFs With add-on Included Included
Conditional field visibility With add-on Included Included
Share forms with colleagues Not included Included Included
Electronic Signatures
Sign on desktop and mobile Not included Included Included
Detailed activity records Not included Included Included
ESIGN and UETA compliant Not included Included Included
One signer per form Not included Included Included
Multiple signers per form Not included Not included Coming soon
Private Message Center
Maximum clients per month Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Clients can send secure replies Included Included Included
Clients can sign in with their Google, Apple, or Microsoft account Included Included Included
Customization & Branding
Custom logo Not included Included Included
Custom secure web form accent color Not included Included Included
Remove Powered by logo from forms Not included Not included Included
Customer Care
One-on-one setup assistance by phone Included Included Included
Technical support by phone and email Included Included Included
Online knowledge base Included Included Included
Security & Compliance
Email archiving Included Included Included
Two-step verification Included Included Included
Encryption OpenPGP & SSL OpenPGP & SSL OpenPGP & SSL
Domain Administration (if using a custom domain)
Standard email forwarding Included Included Included
Catch-all email forwarding Included Included Included
Manage user accounts Not included Included Included

All prices displayed are in US dollars. Taxes may apply. Full refund if you cancel within 60 days.

More features

Industry-standard OpenPGP encryption

Protects the contents of the email and attachments and ensures its authenticity. Emails sent or received with this encryption are stored in an encrypted format.

Support for the claim of privilege

Hushmail for Law includes a signed agreement to support the claim of attorney-client privilege in court for clients in the U.S., Canada and the U.K.

Mobile/desktop access

Includes access to our iPhone app. We also support POP/IMAP so that you can access your email in your program of choice (e.g. Outlook, Mail, or Thunderbird).

Use your own domain name or one of ours

You can create an email address using a domain you already own (e.g. ), a subdomain, (e.g. ),
or one of our own domains (e.g. ).

Dedicated customer support

Real human beings take the time to personally answer your questions by phone or email.

Unlimited email aliases

Create and manage unlimited email addresses ending in that deliver email to your Hushmail account.

Email forwarding

Create up to 100 email addresses that are automatically redirected to one of your accounts.

Catch-all email

Choose one of your accounts to receive all email sent to addresses in your domain that do not exist.

Administrative tools

Set up, delete, and configure user accounts with our administration panel.

Email archiving

Keeps a record of all emails sent and received by all users in your domain.

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