Features and Pricing

Hushmail looks and feels just like any other web-mail site, but adds strong encryption to your emails to protect your secrets from prying eyes.

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25 MB 1 GB 10 GB
Annual fee

We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal

FREE $34.99 $49.98
Private email and attachments

Send PGP encrypted email to anyone. All web access uses SSL.

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Easy-to-use private webmail

Works in all major browsers

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Mobile access

Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, more – m.hush.com

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Spam control

Allow lists, block lists, automatic virus scanning and spam filtering, challenge/response option.

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Desktop access (IMAP/POP)

Outlook, Thunderbird, more

Get help or download Hushmail for Outlook

Unlimited email aliases

Using @nym.hush.com addresses

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Dedicated technical support

Priority technical support by email and phone

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