Hushmail Technology

The need for Hushmail

Every day people around the world send millions of emails. Many of these are transmitted without using any form of encryption. When you send an email without using encryption it can potentially be monitored, logged, analyzed and stored by your employer, your Internet service provider and other parties.

In addition to the basic human right to privacy, email users must consider the importance of keeping business communications secure from rival organizations and should only send sensitive information in an encrypted format. The same concerns apply to the transmission of medical records, and sensitive legal, military or personal information.

How does Hushmail help?

Hushmail can keep your email private by encoding the contents of your messages using encryption. Encryption is a way of transforming a message so that it is unreadable to anyone who cannot access the key needed to unlock it. Hushmail makes encryption seamless and transparent; we encrypt your message automatically when it is sent and restore it back to its original form when the recipient reads it.