It’s here: the optional security question for sending encrypted email

Today we are launching our new way of sending encrypted email to people who don’t use Hushmail. It’s a more streamlined approach that will save a lot of time, since you no longer have to create a security question and answer every time you email someone. Starting today, it’s optional.

How it works

The first time you send an encrypted email to someone who doesn’t use Hushmail, you have the option of adding a security question, but you don’t have to. The recipient will receive a notification in their inbox saying they have a secure email from you. After they click the link to see your message, they will be prompted to create a passphrase, which they will use to access that message and any future encrypted emails you send them.

The first time you send someone an encrypted email, you may want to include the security question as an added layer of protection, and to ensure you’re emailing the right address. But after they create a passphrase, you won’t have to come up with a security question and answer for future emails to that person—all you’ll have to do is click the Encrypted checkbox.

Third-party email apps

If you use a third-party email app, such as Mac Mail or Outlook, to email someone who doesn't use Hushmail, it's sent as a regular email. To ensure you are adding an extra layer of security, use our webmail or Hushmail for iPhone app and click the Encrypted checkbox.

Try it now

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