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Common questions

  • Do you offer a discount for nonprofits?

    Yes. Hushmail for Nonprofits offers many security features at a special price of $3.99 per user per month.

  • Can board members use Hushmail for Nonprofits to have send and receive secure email?

    Yes. You can set up a Hushmail account for anyone in your organization, including board members, remote teams and support staff. The cost is $3.99 per user, per month and everyone enjoys the same great features.

  • Can I send secure email attachments?

    Yes. When you choose to encrypt an email in Hushmail, any attachments are also encrypted.

  • Do recipients need Hushmail to receive my secure emails?

    No. Recipients who don’t use Hushmail don’t need to create an account with us to receive your secure emails. Here’s an illustration showing how it works.

  • Can people who don’t use Hushmail send me secure email messages and attachments?

    Yes. As described in the answer above, when recipients who don’t use Hushmail receive a secure message from you, they are taken to a web page where they can read and reply with an encrypted message and attachments of their own.

  • Can I use my own email domain with Hushmail?

    Yes. If you choose to sign up for Hushmail using your business’ domain name, Hushmail becomes your organization’s sole email provider. All emails sent to any address with your domain, for example, will go through Hushmail.

    If you are working on a particular project in which only a subset of your organization's addresses require secure email, you can sign up for Hushmail using a subdomain, such as, directing email to and from addresses with that subdomain through Hushmail. You may continue to use your existing email ( with your current email provider, though it would not be secure.

  • If I’m using Hushmail, do I need to pay for a generic email address such as

    No. If you want emails to an address such as to be forwarded to a particular person’s Hushmail account, such as, you can set up an email forward option, which we do not charge for. We only charge for user accounts.

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