Everyone is entitled to their email privacy. Take back control of your data and experience a clean inbox with no advertising. Choose which emails you want to send using our powerful encryption and keep your most personal conversations private and confidential.

Hushmail Premium, our account for personal use, is ideal if you need single email address ending in with web, mobile and desktop access. If you want to have your own personal domain name in your email address, you can use Hushmail for Small Business. If you are looking for HIPAA-compliant email and web forms, please see Hushmail for Healthcare.

Encrypted Email

With Hushmail, you don’t need additional email providers because we integrate the encryption component seamlessly with our email service. You are able to send and receive emails as with any regular email service, but you also have the option to encrypt your emails for extra protection. The encryption is automatic between Hushmail users.

Private Message Center

Recipients who are not using Hushmail will receive a link to a secure web page where they can read your email. The first time someone reads a secure email on the web they will create a passphrase. They will need this passphrase to access any future emails sent using Hushmail.

Designed for personal use, not for healthcare

If you're in healthcare, you need Hushmail for Healthcare. Hushmail Premium does not include an email archive, Business Associate Agreement (BAA) or Information Manager Agreement (IMA) which supports your compliance with HIPAA or Canadian healthcare laws. In the event of an audit, we would not be able to confirm your compliance with the relevant authority. For these reasons, we reserve the right to switch anyone not using the account for personal usage to our Hushmail for Healthcare plan.

All prices displayed are in US dollars. Taxes may apply.

More features

Industry-standard OpenPGP encryption

Protects the contents of the email and attachments and ensures its authenticity. Emails sent or received with this encryption are stored in an encrypted format.

Private, ad-free accounts

When you use Hushmail, you own your data and your emails are not analyzed to display advertising.

Mobile/desktop access

Includes access to our iPhone app. We also support POP/IMAP so that you can access your email in your program of choice (e.g. Outlook, Mail, or Thunderbird).

Dedicated customer support

Real human beings take the time to personally answer your questions by phone or email.

Unlimited email aliases

Create and manage unlimited email addresses ending in @nym.hush.com that deliver email to your Hushmail account.

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